Willem van Valkenburg


The water authority elections will be held on 20 March 2019. I am a candidate on behalf of the liberal party VVD for the Delfland general council.

As a direct descendant of Cornelis Lely, the importance of water has been given to me with all my heart. Later I went to study to become an engineer myself. When I travel around the world for my work at Delft University of Technology, I see how many countries have problems with water. From the drought in Africa, to the abundant rainfall in Asia and floodings in the US. Each time that is a confirmation for me of how well the Netherlands has organised this.

Due to climate change, good water management will only become important in the coming years. The water authority plays a major role in this. They provide protection against the water, maintain the quality of the water and ensure that the water level remains at the same level.

As an engineer, I would like to contribute to this. Based on analysis of facts, I want to make choices that prepare Delfland for the future. In doing so, I keep a close eye on the interests of all those involved. So that all residents and entrepreneurs can continue to enjoy the water without it becoming unaffordable.

Vote Willem van Valkenburg, List 1 place 3

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